The artist must be ready to be consumed by the fire of his own creation.

- Auguste Rodin

  • For centuries, winemakers have delighted in the unique spices imparted in their wines by fire charring oak barrels.
  • Thousands of years of winemaking trial and error have led to oak becoming the standard wood for barrel aging wines. The grape and the decision of the winemaker as to what type of an oak influence they are looking to create will determine the choice of barrel and the level of charring.
  • The cooper can control the “toast” levels of the barrel to light, medium, or dark. Oak barrels are used at different levels of toasting so winemakers can achieve the flavors, texture, and aromatics desired in the finished wine.
  • Barrel Burner wines take the best the vineyard has to offer and complement the wine with alluring notes of toasted oak.